Visual content marketing. Brand engagement. Warm leads.
Join Interlike platform to maximise marketing investment and generate an abundance of goodwill for your brand. It is a powerful online dashboard, a beautiful iOS app and cool gadgets. It's everything you need for a perfect photo marketing activity turning customer interactions into great engaging brand stories.
Easily set up campaigns with your brand magic and legal requirements. Export database and track results in real time. My.Interlike dashboard is intuitive and powerful

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Create and share branded photo content facilitating meaningful online connections and customer database acquisition. Now available for any iPad

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Enhance customer experiences with Magic Selfie Machine, Social Mirror and Selfie Station. These smart kits will ensure quality of the images and bring a wow factor

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Do you have a campaign, activation or a retail installation in mind and need an end to end solution? We will deliver. Interlike has creative and development resources in house. We also have certified event partners with nation wide reach in New Zealand, Australia and Russia. Get in touch and let's get started