Smart Platform

Custom photo filters, doodle colour, graphic overlays, photo description incl. URLs and #tags, email branding, subject and body text.
FB Sharing

Upload photos to Brand/Event page into an event album and sends to each customer a branded eDM with unique link to their own photo

Send a branded email direct to customer with embedded photo and social sharing buttons for easy share to users' personal accounts
Twitter Sharing

Post directly to Brand/Event Twitter feed with preloaded editable Tweet text including #tags and @mentions the person in the photo - ideal for celebrities and influencers
SMS Sharing

Deliver unique links to your customers direct via sms

Insights report. EDM delivery, open and click through rates. Collect database with pre-set required fields (i.e. email, Name, phone number) Available for export in .csv format

Photo Drawing

Users can draw on and autograph their pictures before sharing.

Overlay Flexibility

Customers can swipe to select from multiple graphic overlays. Caters for groups, selfies and line by sight creative in one campaign

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