How retail brands can fight online and offline marketing disconnect
Written by Paola Par
Today, the retail space has evolved from simply being a quick stop into fuller immersive brand experiences. Shoppers have turned into retail 'tourists' who are after an environment that exudes brand feeling, culture and relationship. It's a perfect opportunity to build on these offline brand experiences and initiate a lasting conversation online. When done right, it can result in deep meaningful connection with the customer and retain brand loyalty.

As you walk through the shopping mall, there are highly styled concept stores displaying latest promotions. Designed to make shoppers walk in, experience the brand's atmosphere and ultimately purchase. However, often that's where the connection ends.

On the other hand, corporates recognise the power of digital. They invest into social presence and email to nurture customer relationship. The visual merchandising on ground often don't work with the social team and this is where there is wasted marketing investment. Using cost effective Interlike platform, retail brands can link the social and visual department leveraging on ground activity to social connection.

After working with many retailers or brands in mens/womens fashion, footwear, technology, sports, beauty and more, we discovered the most effective way to fight this disconnect. And that is to create an environment where it is easy and simple for customers to share branded content created in store. By enabling this, brands can leverage the activity in store and maximise ROI.

Providing customers with an interactive booth enables them not only to engage with the brand on site but also continue the connection online when they leave.
Below are some brands that used Interlike platform to meet brand, social and experiential marketing objectives in retail.
Sportsgirl already have that online presence retailers love to keep up with. With their constant release of creative campaigns, loud brand personality and character, it's only right for their customers to feel like they can be a part of it too. Using Interlike technology they built a Sportsgirl Digital Photobooth. Located in Melbourne and Sydney flagship stores it allowed customers to create branded content of photos and live photos (GIFs) always tying in with their current above the line campaigns.

Not only did this fit in with their aesthetic which drove in foot traffic, it also enabled them to connect with the customer after they left the store. Their innovative thinking meant the branded content created brought in more organic reach, carried their brand #hashtag to travel on Instagram and facilitated them to collect customer database.
Clinique, trusted prestige beauty brand producing quality Skincare and Makeup worked with Interlike on below the line component of the #FaceForward campaign. The main objective was to bring the campaign experience to the everyday people in the retail environment and achieve deeper brand connection with their customers. View full blog here.

The campaign allowed customers to become ambassadors and also share their photo with their peers. People today do not engage with brands if they are not interested in them. They want authentic connection or none at all. Clinique tapped into something that was really important to their customers. It empowered young women to love themselves and share their feelings on Clinique's brand page. From this case study, we saw just how powerful personal connection is with consumers and why this should be a priority for marketing managers.

H&M Launch VIP Party
With NZ eagerly awaiting the launch of the fashion giant, H&M hosted a VIP party with a range of NZ celebrities, bloggers and influencers to start the trend of #HMNewZealand. They needed to make sure that guests had an easy way to share their VIP experience.

Interlike built custom H&M Social Stations for guests to create and share unique live photos (GIF's). The guests loved playing with it and many branded content was generated throughout the night. #HMNewZealand started traveling with the live photos popping up on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter throughout the night and days after.

Guests at the event had a great time, looked amazing and were very happy to share the experience with their friends and followers on social media.

H&M Public Opening
Following the VIP launch, H&M also went to town with looking after the public for the main opening day. With the opening morning expecting a long line of excited shoppers, H&M made sure to treat them with breakfast, drinks, goodie bags and their very own personalised H&M polaroid prints using Interlike selfie machines. Each photo also had digital copies in H&M Facebook page leveraging FOMO to friends of those who attended.
With the increase of retailers inshopping malls, youth clothing brand Factorie was faced with the problem of grasping their consumer's attention and bridging the gap between their offline and online marketing. They had the right concept designs and online campaigns however they were missing a tool to bring in foot traffic, keep the customer engaged and stay connected with them on social.

We added in our beautifully designed selfie station with powerful captivating light that mixed in well with their store aesthetic. The station was a mechanic that matched their online campaign to get people in the store and win a prize.

Millennia's being their target market loved creating live photos, posted them on social in and got Factorie's #hashtag travelling in hopes to win the competition. Factorie's marketing coordinator said it was "the best we've done so far to get people to engage with the brand and bring their personalised branded content to social".

When Britain fashion giant Topshop opened in Auckland, thousands lined up to get the first look and shop for their favourite pieces they once could only access online. Showroom 22 agency saw this as an opportunity to get people sharing their Topshop experience
Topshop used Interlike Instagram Printer (powered by Social Playground) to incentivise shoppers to take photos around the store and share on Instagram to receive their polaroid print. Even though the store opening already had massive press coverage, this was a clever way to ensure customer advocacy on social media.
There is no better place to expand your in-store investment than to allow your shoppers to connect with your brand through a digital piece that integrates with social. This not only becomes a wow factor in store that brings in foot traffic but it also empowers your audience share their brand experience increasing brand awareness and brand loyalty. You can also collect customer data for future relationship email marketing, Facebook advertising, sms marketing and targeted promotions. Connecting offline and online brings ultimate brand growth and profitability.
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