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5 Activation ideas you will wish you had thought of.
If you need some inspiration for you're upcoming promotional calendar, you've come to the right place.
It's hard to be creative all the time (yes even for superstars like yourself). So take a breather and let someone else do the thinking for a while.

There is a lot to learn out there in the world of experiential activations, this list of 5 from around the globe provides some tremendous examples of what can be done.
1. Weigh this
The view of diet products has shifted, no more will the shackles of body image dictate how and what people decide to eat. Lean Cuisine, a brand specialising in frozen diet meals, had to pivot majorly for its products to keep up with the times.

The way they did so was both genius and heartwarming.

During an activation in New York's Grand Central station, Lean Cuisine had woman weigh themselves. Now you're probably thinking, asking busy woman to weigh themselves on their journey to work is a quick method for making some enemies, and you would be right. I would be using this moment to have a coffee and a chocolate pastry and NOBODY is going to dampen my morning chow time.
Mess with this and see what happens.
Lean Cuisine knew better than this, and instead woman were asked to weigh their personal accomplishments. To measure their weight by articulating what they were proud of about themselves. These statements were then written by a professional sign maker onto real scales, and hung onto a wall for passers-by to read.
This is a brilliant example of a brand activation. It shows that you can create a thoughtful and impactful experience without a huge outlay of resources, just a bit of creativity. It is the deviation from what is expected that makes it special. The crass nature of the initial request to be weighed, which immediately shifts into a powerful reframing of how to value yourself.

Hat's off to you Lean Cuisine, and I'll keep my chocolate pastry.

2. Mall Monopoly
The only version that my family had the restraint to play
Nothing says family fun like a good old fashioned board game. All the joys of combatting your loved ones in a beautiful display of mutual trust and PUT THAT MONEY BACK IN THE BANK I SAW THAT…

Some people just never could handle the temptation of being the banker in monopoly, victory was there to take if you were subtle enough. That said, this next idea threw subtlety to the wind, and there was no chance of cheating in the giant games of monopoly played at malls across Dubai.

In a truly magical rendition of the classic board game, shoppers who spent 500 AED received a token to play on a board that covered most of the atrium floor. Huge crowds gathered to watch and to take part in all the fun.
The activation sported a real life monopoly man as host, and a cage big enough to fit an upright adult for those unfortunate enough to go to jail. Shoppers won vouchers to spend at retailers within the mall, and the event saw the biggest uptick in spending outside of Government holidays.

The magic created within this activation brought the results the mall wanted most, more spending, more engagement, and an outstanding impression that resonated out on social media.
3. Misereor — Social Swipe
There are plenty of things that I pay for, where once the money has left my possession then it has also left my realm of concern. I'm not at all fussed where it ends up.

Phone bills, not bothered! As long as I get my roaming data, I can watch Japanese travel guides and stay a happy customer. Buying a coffee, get that money out of my sight! Give me my moccachino, and don't judge me for thinking chocolate and coffee are natural companions.
Can I get some marshmallows too please.
But then there are the times that you really do care where that money goes after it leaves your pocket. The times where your will to spend is influenced by your capacity to care, and to give.

When a charity asks for money, they battle with a concern shared by many people. A concern surrounding where exactly that money will go, and if it will end up where it is needed most. They also need to be able to donate in a way that makes sense, and is convenient. MISIREOR, a German Catholic aid organisation, managed to address these concerns in a way that is both, beautiful, and gratifying.

Watch below to see how.
This is a truly pure example of understanding your audience, and using an activation to reach them in a way that circumvents their barriers. The organisation saw the need to make the payment convenient, and then for it to produce something tangible, something that was immediately rewarding, and they delivered.
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4. Doc McStuffin's Check Up
You know what, children make great doctors.

At least that's what Disney Junior thought when they launched Doc McStuffin's mobile clinic in malls across multiple cities in the USA. Children were given the opportunity to give "check ups" to their soft toys, donning white lab coats and a cardboard stethoscope, they assessed the health of their cushy companions.

This area was paired with a water station that promoted the benefits of staying well hydrated, a stretch and flex fitness section, and a playground with large building blocks. This created a fantastic opportunity for parents to entertain their children, or better yet, for one parent to entertain the children while the other gets in some shopping.
The activation saw a 5.3% increase in purchase rates, with 87% of parents involved saying they would suggest Doc McStuffin toys to other parents.

That kind of joy and creativity is exactly what mall activations aimed at children should hope to achieve. Entertainment for the kids, and some peace of mind for the adults, who will then regard your mall as somewhere they can go for family fun.

Just don't go there with any serious injuries, children make terrible doctors.
5. Stillness In Motion
Some people are comfortable when they fly, the alluring nature of floating amidst the clouds sends them nodding off to sleep. Other people are terrified. Horrified. Certain that the giant metal bird will send them hurtling back to earth with every hint of turbulence.

Fitting then, that Delta Airlines made "stillness" the aim of their activation at a TED conference in Vancouver. A plea for peaceful moments in the everyday lives of the conferences attendees.

Check out the video below to see how they achieved this.
I don't know about you, but I want one of those orbs. I want to sit in that seat, I want to experience that activation. And with 9.3 million impressions on Twitter, it is clear that sentiment is shared by many.

Delta did a fantastic job of combining a memorable experience, with the power of photo marketing and social media. They made everyday people into advocates for their brand, and spread a valuable message - we should all strive to enjoy a bit of stillness.
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