Celebrating diversity with the magic of photo marketing
Written by Zlata Ko.

Christmas, the biggest retail time of year — it can make or break a business or location, and in a multicultural society there's ever more you have to consider when planning your end of year promotions.
It is necessary to choose a visual aid that is appropriate for the material and audience.
Who is your audience, what does Christmas mean to them? Do you know and more importantly; can you show them you do?

North City Mall recently used Interlike in a campaign where customers could take a picture with the Elfie Selfie Station. To get their photos, customers provided their details. These pictures were also shared via social media to let all their friends and family know that North City was in the Christmas spirit.

In addition, 100 of the photos were picked to be included in North City's Christmas Heirloom Decorations, which were displayed on the mall's main Christmas tree
Why worry about whether your Christmas promotions might make some people feel excluded this year, when by using a photo marketing campaign as part of your decorations you can let ALL customers know they are welcome and included?

Take a look at these photos below, these may not all be the people you'd have expected to see in Christmas promotions and photo marketing. Yet all were the people shopping in the mall who wanted their photos taken. All ages. All cultures. All smiling.
"Christmas is a magical time of the year. But what is it that makes it truly magical? Santa? Gifts? It's really the Spirit of Giving…

…(we) invited customers to show us what the Spirit of Giving was really all about in a giant, walk-in, gift shaped photo booth; 'Step into our photo booth and show us your best grin, show us your Christmas spirit to be in to win!' We gave $16,000 in Gift Cards away. Each customer that participated went in the draw to win and received their Spirit of Giving GIF via email by the time they had left the photo booth.

Interlike was the perfect partner for this promotion. The equipment was faultless, the team was responsive, and the promotion was very successful."
The Spirit of Giving

For more information on this and much more besides, download an industry benchmark case study.

The truth is the campaign doesn't have to be Christmas, it could be Diwali, Chinese New Year. It could be Australia Day - what matters is people in the mall, having a good time, SMILING, engaging and showing all their friends and family "You know what? This is a place where we ALL can feel welcome."

Are you ready to celebrate diversity this festive season?

We're here to help you and answer any questions you may have about using Interlike's unique photo marketing tools to engage your ever changing customer base.

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