Westfield Helensvale Lead Generation Promotion
An eye catching stand alone Interlike Selfie Station enabled shoppers to take a photo and instantly send it to themselves, then share it to their personal social channels.

To receive their photo, customers entered their details including their name, last name, email and optional phone number.
  • Increase newsletter signups.
  • Increase community engagement online.
  • Provide an always-on, fun and interactive activation for shoppers.
All shoppers had a chance to participate in a competition. They entered by sharing a selfie publicly on Facebook with #WestfieldHelensvale, then commenting on how they would spend their winnings in the centre.

The winner took home a $1,000 Westfield Helensvale Gift Card and was announced on Westfield Helensvale's Facebook page.

This gave the page a considerable increase in positive engagement with the community.
20% increase

As part of the form, all participants had a choice of subscribing to four Westfield newsletters: General, Fashion, Family and Food. The participation to sign up ratio was impressive, with over 65% of participants signing up for one or more newsletters.

This activation was running for 2 weeks and led to the growth of Westfield Helensvale's Newsletter signups by over 20%!

These sign-ups did not come from forcing participants to opt-in so they may enter the competition, instead they simply came from including the option in the form. This resulted in quality leads being generated that are more receptive to future marketing.
Micro Influencers
16 micro-influencers were identified. The top one had an impressive 33K followers on Instagram. This then enabled Helensvale to reach out and form a relationship with these micro influencers, something we encourage as a means of working with the community.
An integral aspect of any Interlike activation is that the generation of content, which is then shared to social media, creates a space for the expression of positive sentiment. Here is an example of someone using the Interlike system to share a positive message, that is now intrinsically tied to the Westfield brand, and Helensvale experience.
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